We have designed a range of Mediteranean buildings to match the long out of production

Italeri ones. These are ideal for any mediteranean theatre games.

They have very similar roof and stone work so will match up well if you already have some of the Italeri ones.

They are simple to assemble and have metal details like chimneys.

There are also 2 new runied versions as well as a range of suitable walls.

Simple to assemble and can also be converted with extra parts available for those who

like to make them a little different.

We can supply eatra roofs, wall and steps ect, just drop us an email for prices and availability.

To celebrate our new webshop we thought we should have some new releases

so here we present our lastest new models.

Some 28mm figs & stowage and some new 1/72 GB crew figs.


A set of 6 late WW2 gb tank crew in pixie suits and a pack of stowage for enhancing your

28mm (1/56th) models, we can supply WW2 or Postwar stowage.


We have also released some new 1/72 WW2 GB tank & afv crew, 10 figs to a pack,

a 4 fig ‘O’ group or art/air controller pack and a pack of 4 Sexton s.p. crew.





A new direction for cold war for 2017 is a range of Swedish vehicles and infantry in 1/72 scale.

We plan a whole range of vehicles from apc’s trucks, and engineering vehicles to

compliment the various S tanks available to enable you to collect a viable

Swedish gaming army.

We also have a range of infantry sculpted and moulded with various weapons including

rifles, mg’s, a/t and a/a units.