W/Europe armed muilti head infantry command pack of 3



These are the first in a line of generic multi head option figures.

They have GB style 58 pattern webbing and have FN/slr rifles and comes with a radio and map base

Ever found it frustrating that you can find the right weapons but the figs are wearing the wrong head gear or the right head gear and the wrong weapons, well now we have the answer with these new multi head option figures.

Designed to enable you to create armies that have western European weapons and no heads so you can then specify what head gear you require to enable you to make an African army with US M1 helmets or mercenaries with a beret and beard that use FN weapons.

The head choice if quite large and you can choose from the following:-

European head in 1980’s GB steel helmet, beret, campaign hat, beanie hat, no hat, US M1 helmet, Baseball cap, Russian helmet, Russian in Ushanka, bold head & beard, Female, French beret, African female, African in M1, African in beret, bold African, Arab in keffiyeh, African in tankers helmet, Afghan in traditional head gear, in fact almost any sort of head gear you can think of.

You can of course have a selection especially for mercenary forces, there are also the same options for light 4×4 and truck crew as well as some options available for afv crews.