1/72 Stug 3B conversion kit



The Stug assault gun was developed to provide close fire support for infantry units and was a

PZ 3 chassis with an new armoured hull with a 75mm gun mounted.

The early Stug’s had a short barrelled 75mm gun and this simple conversion kit just replaces the armoured box on the Armourfast Stulg33b model.

We have been sent a picture of the conversion on an airfix stug and it seems to fit quite well, the grey model is that conversion.

Skill level A

Whilst we aim to make the conversion kits gamer friendly we have devised a skill rating to help you.

72 scale conversion kit skill ratings:-

A = easy to assemble or simple add on parts

B = slightly harder to assemble a bit more time/skill needed.

C = harder to assemble with more fiddly parts and time need to complete