single PSC 15mm Churchill avre fascine & cradle conversion offer


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The Churchill mk 3 & 4 tank was converted into the AVRE for the Normandy landings and various attachments were fitted to it to enable the obstacles to be crossed like A/T ditches and walls ect.

Our conversion kit adds those attachments to the PSC Churchill mk3 or 4 base model which is included

This conversion is for the fascine cradle and fascine which was carried on the front of the tank, and then the fascine was released and it fell into the ditch or stream and tracked vehicles then just drove over it.

Model also includes the std AVRE side fittings as well as the cradle & fascine.

Whilst we aim to make the conversion kits gamer friendly we have devised a skill rating to help you.

This kit skill level is B

e conversion kit skill ratings:-

A = easy to assemble or simple add on parts

B = slightly harder to assemble a bit more time/skill needed.

C = harder to assemble with more fiddly parts and time need to complete