Late WW2 German town defensive road block (single)



When the allies started to enter Germany many towns & cities roads were blocked or narrowed by the use of various road blocks, some were just piles of rubble whilst others were  a bit more substantial often made or wooden stakes or baulks and filled in with rubble a bit like these modern Hesco cages.

They were designed to slow down tanks & other vehicles so that they could be attacked by infantry with Panzerfausts ect whilst trying to negotiate these chicanes.

Although these are designed for 20mm games they would also work for 28mm as there was no standard type and were made to measure and with what the population had to hand.

We offer 2 types a wooden planked type and cut down tree type.

Please state which one you would like in the message box at the checkout.

Figs & Vehicle not included.



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