L118 105mm light gun & 6 crew



This gun was desigend in the late 60’s & early 70’s as a replacement for the M56 Oto Malera 105mm gun as used by the British Army at the time.

It was designed to be air portable to be used by the Royal Marines and Para’s as a helicopter load and entered service in 1976, it was normally towed by the 101 L/rover, later replaced by the Pinzgauer but could also be towed by the Haglands BV206 over snow vehicle.

It saw service in the Falklands war as well as the Gulf, Iraq & Afghanistan.

A version is also used by the USA, Australia, Portugal, Spain ansd well as many other nations, like the WW2 25pdr it has proved to be one of the best artillery pieces ever made.

There is a choice of head gear for the crew, GB helmet, USA helmet, Fritz helmet,

beret, and bush hat.

Please let us know what head gear you would like.

We also sell the gun on it’s own:-

L118 105mm light gun



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