Crusader AA mk2 turret conversion kit



The Crusader tank was converted into 3 aa tank variants during ww2.

This conversion kit converts the crusader into the a/a mk2 version and although it was designed for the Armourfast Crusader but should also fit the Hasegawa model with some modifications.

Please note:-

There seems to be 2 types of turret sotwage boxes used on these tanks we have only shown 1 type.

The last model shown is an Airfix Crusader which it seems to fit quite well.

Whilst we aim to make the conversion kits gamer friendly we have devised a skill rating to help you.

This kit skill level is B

72 scale conversion kit skill ratings:-

A = easy to assemble or simple add on parts

B = slightly harder to assemble a bit more time/skill needed.

C = harder to assemble with more fiddly parts and time need to complete