Churchill arv mk1 conversion kit



The Churchill tank was used as an arv and there were 2 versions this is the mk1 without the fixed turret and was used from D-Day onwards

The conversion kit is designed for the PSC Churchill mk3-4 model but it should fit other makes like Italeri, Esci or Dragon.

We have been sent pics of the conversion mounted on the 1/76th Airfix model and although it took a bit of work it seems to fit just fine, the last 3 pics are of this model.

A simple set of metal parts to convert the model into the arv mk1, just leave off the turret and add on the arv parts.

This kit skill level is A

72 scale conversion kit skill ratings:-

A = easy to assemble or simple add on parts

B = slightly harder to assemble a bit more time/skill needed.

C = harder to assemble with more fiddly parts and time need to complete