Armourfast M4 & Crocodile flame thrower conversion offer


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The famous British Churchill Crocodile proved to be so effective that the US Army wanted some so the British converted 4 of the early hulled M4’s to the Crocodile spec for the US Army.

The same trailer as used on the Churchill was used and the flame piping went along the hull side and ended at the flame gun mounted on the hull front so the tank kept it’s hull mg.

The were first used in the attack on Brest in France, but it was not a great success as 2 of them broke down en route!

The offer consists of a box of 2 Armourfast M4’s and 1 x Crocodile conversion kit.

We have designed this conversion for the Armourfast M4 as it is the correct hull type but it may fit other m4’s.

The conversion kit is also available as a separate item.