Armourfast 1/72 scale M4A3 75mm Sherman kit


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The classic late war M4A3 75mm Sherman tank, widely used by the US Army as well as the French army in NWE.

The Sherman was also used for a whole range of conversions especially by the British army.

We make several conversion kits for this model including an M4A3E2 Jumbo and an M32 recovery tank.

Armourfast make a wide range of inexpensive and easy to build 1/72 scale models from the major ww2 nations and are ideal for those on a budget or for gamers who do not like lots of parts to assemble and each box contains 2 models.

They are also ideal for converting to other variants and we plan a lot of conversions based on the Armourfast kits as well as other plastic kit makes.

We make quite a few add on conversion kits for the various Armourfast models:-

We have more planned for the future.