1/72 M10 Achilles Stowage (single)



No WW2 M10 would look right without tons of stowage piled up on it especially in NWE.

This stowage pack is ideal for the various early hulled M10’s on the market from the likes of Armourfast & Hobbymaster

The pack contains enough stowage for 1 model and has stowage for the hull front, rear deck, side armour and turret sides

These parks are a random mix of stowage items so no 2 packs are ever the same giving you a greater variety of styles to make the models more realistic.

The model used in the pictures is a Armourfast M10

The stowage in the lower pictures is just a sample of the types of items that can be included in a pack.

Please note:-

The tank crew figures is not included.

We do have Gb crew figures available :-.