15mm PSC PZ4 & ARV conversion kit offer


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The Panzer 4 tank was used as a recovery vehicle in the later stages of WW2.

The conversion was not as extensive as the Bergpanzer 3 and just had a planked over turret hole and various recovery equipment fitted but still had a small block & tackle jib for smaller repair jobs like the Bergpanzer 3.

This conversion kit should fit any of the various Panzer 4 models on the market and the one shown is fitted to a PSC Pz4H

You get 1 x PSC PZ4 and the ARV conversion kit.

Whilst we aim to make the conversion kits gamer friendly we have devised a skill rating to help you.

This kit skill level is A

15mm scale conversion kit skill ratings:-

A = easy to assemble or simple add on parts

B = slightly harder to assemble a bit more time/skill needed.

C = harder to assemble with more fiddly parts and time need to complete