To celebrate our new webshop we thought we should have some new releases

so here we present our lastest new models.

Some 28mm figs & stowage and some new 1/72 GB crew figs.


A set of 6 late WW2 gb tank crew in pixie suits and a pack of stowage for enhancing your

28mm (1/56th) models, we can supply WW2 or Postwar stowage.


We have also released some new 1/72 WW2 GB tank & afv crew, 10 figs to a pack,

a 4 fig ‘O’ group or art/air controller pack and a pack of 4 Sexton s.p. crew.





A new direction for cold war for 2017 is a range of Swedish vehicles and infantry in 1/72 scale.

We plan a whole range of vehicles from apc’s trucks, and engineering vehicles to

compliment the various S tanks available to enable you to collect a viable

Swedish gaming army.

We also have a range of infantry sculpted and moulded with various weapons including

rifles, mg’s, a/t and a/a units.


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